Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Family Session: Familjen Johansson

Här kommer massor bilder av familjen Johansson som jag fotograferade i somras. Jag har verkligen längtat efter att visa er dem här bilderna! Det var en sån dag... Fantastisk fina barn (med fantastisk fina namn! Elis, Noomi och Silas.) Vänner som kunder :) :) Bästa vädret och finaste området. Verkligen allt man kan önska sig som en fotograf! Tack familjen Johansson, så fina ni är hela familjen!

Sunday, December 1, 2013


It is indeed that time of year again.. Advent, is from the latin word for coming. Counting the days for the most wonderful time of the year, right? Are you lighting the first candle today? Is it all about presents and good company for you? Or is there more behind this holiday season? 
While preparing and decorating my home, this year I will ponder and pause on the true meaning of Christmas. Advent… waiting…on what is coming. A journey of less then 4 weeks that starts today. 
Let´s start Advent of with some pictures of my cute cousin Yenthe, some behind the scenes pictures of when we made the promotion pictures for Romeo & Julia´s Christmas balletshow poster. Here you can have a look at the video I made of last years show.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Baby cousin: Yenthe

She just has this way.. of brightening the day !!

Brother & Sister Session: Rebekka & Ravian

 Between cleaning diapers and reorganising our new home(we moved last week!), I came pass this session from last summer. Here you see a few shots of brother and sister, Rebekka with her stunning eyes and cheeky Ravian.. hiding from the blowing wind on the beach!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Newborn Special: Our daughter

And then she was here.. Our daughter Selah was born almost one month ago. A few days after giving birth I took these photo´s.. She brings so much joy into our home! She is precious.. and we already can´t imagine life without her.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Världens bästa storebror, snaaart!

Min älskade Manasse, som kommer bli världens bästa storebror snart! Kommer bebisen var lika honom? Vi ser verkligen fram emot en liten ny människa i vår familj!
Jag är mamaledig och det kommer att tar ett par veckor/månader innan jag kommer att jobba igen. Ni kan boka mig ändå för lite längre fram!
När jag tittar på min fina lilla kusin Yenthe, längtar jag massor till jag har min egen lilla bebis!
Ni får ser fler bilder av härliga familjen Johansson, inom kort! Tänkte bara visa en liten sneakpeek !

Friday, August 16, 2013

Student fotografering 2013: Susanna Holm

Fina Susanna tog studenten i år! Jag fick förmånen att fotografera henne. Det är bara så roligt att fotografera när man får fota en alldeles riktig fin människa, som dessutom gör precis som man säger.. Stort lycka till i framtiden Susanna! Här nere ser ni fler bilder av vackra Susanna.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Family Session: Masseurs Family

 Little cutiepie Raphael, is the son of Michael and my cousin Lilian who I´ve spend most of my childhood with. I remember us wondering how our husbands would look and how we would call our kids. Can´t believe we are here already, both married+kids. Raphael truly reminds me a lot of his mother when she was little, but I believe he has a lot of his father too. Down below are more pictures of the sweet little family! Enjoy

Friday, July 5, 2013

Couple session: Patricia & Daniel

This is not just an ordinary photoshoot. This photoshoot was taken of my very dear friend Patricia and her boyfriend Daniel.
Besides having been an amazing sweet, fun friend with a heart of gold since we were 13/14, she has one of the cutest pretty face I know! Having gone through our high school ups and downs together, our friendship even survived my moving to Sweden. Though we don´t see each other that often at all, it always feels real good when we do! We just pick up were we left of.
I won´t forget Daniel, the handsome boyfriend. They are a real good match, since he is as funny and outgoing as her. Together they laugh a lot. You better treat her right, I always tell him.. as Patricia will tend to give the ones she love her whole heart.
Love you Patries, you are truly special!

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